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Digital device management goes into series production

Published 10.10.2022

Series production of the tracking solution träck is running at full speed. The first deliveries will take place as early as October.

Digital device management requires one thing above all: transparency. Creating more transparency in processes is SenseING's main goal. SenseING relies on complete IoT solutions that are delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation in just a few steps. This also applies to the tracking solution träck, which was developed specifically for use in the construction industry. In the future, the solution, which consists of three components, will ensure more transparency on construction sites and building yards, because it can be used to track small equipment such as vibratory plates, compressors, etc. as live inventories, automate prescriptions, reduce search times and thus increase productivity.

The principle is very simple: All devices and tools to be tracked receive a tracker (transmitter). Construction sites and warehouses/building yards are equipped with gateways (receivers). The trackers exchange collected data via radio technology. LoRa with the gateway. The gateway in turn sends the data into an IoT platform using the mobile network and into existing systems via standardised interfaces.

Digitales Gerätemanagement: Ein Tracking Sensor wird an den Griff einer Rüttelplatte angebracht.

At the centre of the solution is the tracker, which is just 40×40 mm in size and is now being produced by the thousand. It contains climate and motion sensors, which make it possible to derive information about the status and utilisation of the devices. The compact tracker shines especially with its battery life, because thanks to its low energy consumption it achieves battery runtimes of up to four years.

Do you need implementable device management? Contact us right now for more information.


Ivo Frank

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