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IoT Plattform

SenseCloud - The place where data becomes valuable information.

Learn how we support your business with a robust and scalable IoT platform to efficiently manage connected devices and capture valuable data.
Ein Laptop zeigt ein Beispiel-Dashboard in der IoT Plattform.

Complete transparency

All at a glance
Get the complete view of your IoT devices, capture valuable data and gain insights that drive your business.

Manage your devices

Central device management in our cloud platform for all your IoT devices.
IoT Plattform zeigt eine Tabelle in welcher beispielhaft Fahrzeuge eines Fuhrparks gelistet sind.

Visualisation in dashboards

Clear dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your data.
Ausschnitt der IoT Plattform zeigt ein Diagramm welches einen Temperaturverlauf über 10 Stunden beispielhaft darstellt.

Configure alarm messages

Configure alarms for exceeding or falling below parameters or inactivity.
Ausschnitt aus der IoT Plattform in welchem aktive Alarme in einer Tabelle dargestellt werden.

Security & Availability

Store your data in a secure cloud
Take advantage of cloud storage to centrally and securely manage, access and efficiently analyse your data. Our highly available cloud service ensures that your data is always available and protected against loss.

Data security

To ensure that data is not lost, we use extensive data replication and backup procedures.


SenseCloud supports transport encryption for both MQTT and HTTP(s) protocols, as well as device authentication and device credential management.


Standardized interfaces allow you to easily integrate the data into your existing system.

Complete with our
Managed IoT Service

Our team of experts will take care of all aspects of your IoT implementation, from configuration and monitoring to maintenance and security.

Start with us into
the world of the IoT!

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