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IoT platform for
evaluating your data

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Collect and visualize data

Capture and collect telemetry data in a cloud-based interface. Customizable IoT dashboards enable visual representation of multiple IoT devices.

Asset Tracking

The transmitted data from the sensors allow statements to be made about the location and condition or environmental parameters of the devices/goods.
  • Location
  • Status information
  • Historical data

Alerting & Rules

The platform offers the possibility to configure real-time alarms and rules for your devices. For example, when parameters are exceeded or not reached, device disconnection or inactivity.
  • SMS notification
  • E-mail
  • Push notification


Data Analysis

Events can be characterized and clearly assigned from the measurement data. This makes it possible, to make statements about the status or utilization of a device.

Data storage

All notifications and captured data from your devices are stored in our databases.


Your measurement data is automatically displayed in clear and meaningful dashboards, such as diagrams or maps.


Our devices communicate exclusively via end-to-end encryption.


Send configurable notifications via email or SMS to multiple users and increase effective communication.


Standardized interfaces allow you to easily integrate the data into your existing system.

Do you have any questions?

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