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Erfahren Sie jederzeit den Standort Ihrer Bau­maschinen – mit unseren IoT-Lösungen.

Get complete transparency about your equipment fleet

SenseING's tracking technologies give you an overview of your equipment fleet. Whether precise GPS positioning of construction machinery and vehicles or allocation of small equipment to projects, we have the right solution. As part of our complete service, we offer you not only the hardware and commissioning, but also a user-friendly platform for evaluating the data or transfer the data directly into your own system via interfaces. This way, you always know where and in what condition your devices are.

Numerous possibilities

Localisation of your devices via GPS or project assignment
Automatic prescription of devices on projects
Detection of attempted theft
Reduction of workload through automated processes
Recording of the device usage data
Adaptation of the equipment park according to needs

Reliable construction machinery location

Whether small equipment tracking or construction machinery tracking, we have a suitable solution for every need.

Our LoRa trackers offer a cost-effective and reliable way to monitor your small equipment and assign project locations using gateways. For monitoring construction equipment and higher value vehicles, we offer precise tracking using GPS trackers. All our solutions are robust enough to withstand the harsh conditions of the construction industry and have battery life of several years.

LoRa Tracker

Small device tracking
  • Sensors
    3D acceleration, temperature, humidity
  • Data transfer
    Via receiver station (LoRa)
  • Location
    Project assignment via receiver station
  • Runtime
    Up to 4 years

GPS Tracker

Construction Machinery & Vehicles
  • Sensors

  • Data transfer
    Mobile communications LTE
  • Location

  • Runtime
    Up to 5 years

Frequently asked questions

What is LoRa?
LoRa is a very energy-saving radio technology that was developed for the Internet of Things (IoT). The radio technology has a long range, which makes it possible to transmit data over distances of several kilometres. Read more about LoRa
What is the difference between LoRa trackers and GPS trackers?
LoRa trackers offer a cost-effective way to track small devices. To enable assignment to projects, this solution requires gateways at the project locations. GPS trackers, on the other hand, position themselves using GPS, independently of an infrastructure, and send the data themselves via the mobile network.
Can the battery be replaced?
Yes, the battery can be replaced on all our trackers.
How do I install the trackers on the machines?
LoRa trackers are attached to the small equipment with special adhesive. GPS trackers can be glued or attached to the construction machines with screws.
How can I monitor the location and condition of my machines?
In our SenseCloud, sensor and device data are collected, evaluated and visualised in clear dashboards.
What types of construction machinery can be tracked?
Basically, any construction machine can be tracked using GPS trackers. However, a different technology is used for small machines, so that it is only possible to assign them to different projects or warehouses.
Can I send the data into my existing system?
Yes, if you wish, we can also transfer the data into your existing system via our interfaces.
Is my data secure?
Yes, your data is safe with us. We take data protection very seriously and have taken extensive measures to ensure that your data is safe and secure. We host our servers in Germany, which means we adhere to that country's strict data protection laws and regulations. Our systems are regularly updated and we ensure that our staff are trained and follow strict security protocols.

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