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SNC-PV - Temperature data logger with external sensor

Solar powered data logger
for monitoring of thermo containers.

Simple installation

The data logger can be mounted in a few steps on insulated containers to be tracked.

Energy self-sufficient

Due to the Use of solar energy the data logger is completely independent of external energy sources.
Foto des Temperatur Datenlogger mit externem Fühler

Climate sensors

The integrated sensor system is able to record temperature and humidity data.

Location determination

Determination of the location by means of GEO Location (SCELL & MCELL).
How It Works

Track your thermo containers
in only 3 steps

Once the temperature data loggers with external sensor have been installed, they transmit the collected data via the mobile phone network, to the data memory. There the visually processed for you, providing you with a safe and reliable overview of your insulated insulated containers is possible.
Step 1

Mounting the data loggers

Placing and screwing the data logger onto the lid of the container
Step 2

Assignment of the thermo container

Mapping of the container ID to the corresponding data logger in the IoT platform
Step 3

Evaluate data
receive data

Evaluation and transfer
of data to interfaces

Technical data


157x125x25 mm

Wireless Connectivity



Temperature, Rel. humidity


Energy self-sufficient*

Protection class


Energy supply


Temperature operating range

-40 °C to +60 °C
*Fully self-sufficient from 250 lux


Your benefits

Reliable data on the location or condition of your equipment and goods provide important clues for optimizing your processes.

Reduction of personnel costs

The data logger completely replaces the manual process of documenting temperatures during delivery.

Simple installation

The data loggers are supplied pre-configured so that they immediately record and transmit data after a short installation.

Automated documentation

The data logger records temperature and humidity and sends them to an IoT platform or your inventory management system in a fully automated way.

No battery changes

Thanks to the PV cell, our data logger does not require troublesome battery changes or recharging.


If required, we integrate interfaces to your existing systems via our customizing.

Optimization of supply chains

Structured data helps you save unnecessary costs and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Application area

The SNC-PV temperature data logger with external sensor is specially designed for use as a temperature recording device on insulated containers. The data logger can also be configured for individual purposes. Contact us for personalised advice.

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