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Industrial Internet of Things

IoT Solutions

Increasing resource efficiency and productivity through IoT solutions.

IoT Solutions

Networking as a service

In order to network an object, it always requires several levels in the digital and physical world - i.e. hardware and software. In terms of hardware, sensors, telematics and energy supply are essential. So "what is measured", "how is the data forwarded" and "how can the system be operated without power cables". With the software, data is received, stored and evaluated, thereby generating valuable information.

Due to many different technologies and many specific providers, it is very difficult to bring the aforementioned levels together. And this is exactly where our solutions come into play, because we offer IoT solutions as a complete service: from hardware to software and maintenance to commissioning, we are your competent partner.

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    With our IoT solutions, we are advancing digitalisation and helping to shape technological progress. Our solutions are primarily used in the supply chain.

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