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Temperature warning system

Temperature monitoring with alarm

Receive timely warnings of temperature fluctuations with our temperature monitoring system.
Tempeaturüberwachung mit Alarm: Ein Bildschirm zeigt eine Warnmeldung mit dem Titel "Kritischer Alarm"

Temperature monitoring with SenseING

Our temperature monitoring with alarm offers you a reliable solution for detecting critical temperature fluctuations in your premises or systems at an early stage and responding appropriately. With our service, you can ensure the safety of your products, the efficiency of your processes and compliance with legal regulations.
Das Bild zeigt eine Person, welche einen Sensor in einen geöffneten Medikamenten Kühlschrank einlegt.

Individual limit values

Companies have different requirements and risk tolerances when it comes to monitoring temperature, humidity and other parameters. That's why we offer customised limit values that allow you to tailor your alarms precisely to your needs.

Our system allows you to set warning levels and critical alarms. for exceeding or falling below the ideal temperature range. This means you are informed of potential problems at an early stage and can take action in good time.
Temperaturüberwachung mit Alarm: Zu sehen ist ein Diagramm, welches einen Temperaturverlauf anzeigt. In der horizontalen sind Grenzwerte eingezeichnet. An den Stellen an welchen die Temperatur die Grenzwerte ober- oder unterschreitet wird durch ein "Alarm-Icon" symbolisiert, dass eine Nachricht versendet wurde.

Keep cool when it comes to temperature monitoring. Contact us today for your customised offer!

Different notification types

Our system enables versatile notification of critical temperature deviations. You can receive notifications in the form of emails, text messages or phone calls, depending on your preferences and requirements. This flexibility ensures that you are informed of potential problems in real time, no matter where you are.


Selected users are notified by e-mail in the event of an alarm.


In the event of an alarm, our system sends SMS notifications to the stored contacts.


To escalate alarms, users can also be informed of alarms by telephone.

Die Temperaturüberwachung mit Alarm verfügt auch über eine Offline-Alarmierung. Das Bild zeigt einen Strom-Mast von unten fotografiert. Im Hintergrund ist  der Nachthimmel mit leuchtenden Sternen zu sehen.

Power failure scenario

In the event of a power failure, our devices have a "buffered" operating mode that temporarily stores the data if the connection to the receiving station is interrupted. In addition, our system allows the configuration of an offline alarm, which is triggered when any number of devices are offline for a certain period of time. As soon as the connection to the receiving station is re-established, the cached data is automatically transmitted to ensure seamless monitoring.

Advantages of temperature monitoring with alarm

Compliance with regulations

The alarm function supports compliance with hygiene regulations and standards.

Cost savings

Costs for manual temperature documentation and data management are eliminated.

Early detection of problems

Temperature monitoring with alarm enables potential problems to be recognised and rectified at an early stage before they lead to damage.

Quality assurance

By precisely controlling the temperatures, companies can guarantee the consistently high quality of their products.