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IoT Entwicklung

Von der Idee zur
passgenauen IoT Lösung

Passgenaue IoT Entwicklung für Ihr Unternehmen

Bei SenseING bieten wir nicht nur ein breites Produktportfolio an IoT-Lösungen, sondern auch die Entwicklung von Teilkomponenten oder Gesamtlösungen im IoT-Bereich:
  • IoT-Sensor-Geräte & Gateways
  • Circuit diagrams, PCB layout & design
  • Workshops & Beratungsdienstleistungen
  • Embedded Entwicklung (Hardware & Firmware)
  • Konstruktion & Prototyping
  • Produktionspartner (Lieferant von Baugruppen)
Was ist ein Tracker? Eine Hand hält einen etwa 40x40 mm kleinen Tracker vor die Kamera. Im Hintergrund ist unscharf eine Baustelle zu erkennen.

Cost effective and fast

From the idea to series production, we offer you all services from a single source. Our modular approach and short development cycles enable us to realize your project quickly and cost-effectively.

1. Idea & Concept

In the conception phase, we work out your requirements together, which are then analyzed for feasibility, energy requirements, runtime and costs.

2. Development

Development and production of the subsystems as well as validation according to their suitability. Subsequent integration into a complete system.

3. Firmware

Conceptual design of an operating structure as well as the implementation of the communication modules and hardware-related algorithms.

4. Prototyping

Production of prototypical small series by rapid prototyping, to prove the feasibility of the project in principle.

5. Industrialization

Optimization of prototypes, taking into account manufacturing processes, cost-effectiveness, and material and component availability.

6. Serial production

We supply you with a product that is ready for series production and accompany you during production in series.

Easy integration of the
modules you need

Our modular approach enables us to implement complex systems within the shortest possible time.
  • Luftdruck

    Bestimmung der Höhe für GPS-Navigation und Wetterprognose.
  • Luftfeuchtigkeit

    Erfassung der prozentualen Sättigung von Wasserdampf in Luft.
  • Gas

    Erfassung der Konzentration von gasförmigen Substanzen wie Wasserstoff und Kohlenmonoxid.
  • Acceleration

    Detection of free fall, jog, position, standstill/motion, mechanical load or activity/inactivity.
  • Shock

    Alarm when threshold values are exceeded.
  • Rotation rate

    Detection of standstill/motion, mechanical load or activity/inactivity.
  • Inclination

    Detection of the position of the object as well as warning in case of tipping of goods.
  • Magnetic field

    Measurement of magnetic flux densities in the environment for 3D compass and external environmental influences.
  • Brightness

    Ambient brightness measurement.
  • Volume

    Data protection-compliant measurement of noise pollution.
  • Humidity

    Detection of moisture in substrates and detection of waterlogging.
  • Location

    Reliable position determination through different radio technologies.
  • Vibration

    Description of vibrations by means of amplitude and frequency.
  • NB-IoT

    Energy-efficient radio standard for communication via the mobile network.
  • LoRa®

    Low-power radio standard for transmitting small amounts of data over long distances.
  • WIFI

    Local radio network for the transmission of large amounts of data with medium range.
  • Energy Harvesting

    Modules for obtaining energy from the environment.
  • Bluetooth

    Radio standard for short to medium distances.
  • Energy storage

    Wireless operation through the use of rechargeable batteries and supercaps.
  • Data storage

    Buffering data to reduce energy consumption.
  • GSM

    (=Global System for Mobile Communication) Transmission of data via the mobile communications network.
  • Ultra-Low-Power-Design

    High performance with minimal energy consumption.

The benefits
of our approach


Validation and use of different technologies for different applications.

High quality

Manufacturer-independent component selection and multi-sourcing enable high and reliable product quality.

Future open architecture

Development with state of the art technologies and research.

Modular mode of operation

Composition of prefabricated subsystems along defined locations.

Agile project management

Breaking down traditional processes while embracing a trial-and-error mentality.


Quickly discarding approaches that do not achieve their goals. Thinking in terms of prototypes and market acceptance.

A selection
of our references

Our references will give you an insight into
our development projects.
  • Energy-autonomous system for automated monitoring of the cold chain

    Together with merkur frucht Freiburg GmbH , we are developing a device for the automated recording of temperature and humidity. The solar-powered device is 100% independent of external energy sources because it uses indoor lighting during the loading process. Recorded data is automatically transferred to the merchandise management system via interfaces.
  • Portable GPS sensor system for the detection of ambient conditions in logistics

    In order to determine which factors have which influence on reusable transport packaging during actual transport, storage and processing along the complete supply chain, we developed a GPS sensor system in the project with comepack GmbH . The battery-powered system is designed for a runtime of eight weeks and, in addition to location data, also provides climate data such as temperature, air pressure and humidity.
  • Portable sensor system for the detection of environmental conditions

    In the SkyTender Solutions AG project, we developed a sensor system recording the real ambient and operating conditions of a mobile postmix beverage plant for use in aviation. With the real data, environmental influences could be taken into account in the dimensioning and service life estimation.
  • Sensor-Integrated Gears

    For a research project of the IPEK – Institut für Produktentwicklung am KIT, bei welchem es um die Ermittlung des Potenzials von MEMS Sensoren für sensorintegrierte Zahnräder ging, entwickelten wir das Platinendesign.

    Picture: Symbolic visualization of the cirquit board

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