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Industry solutions

IoT-Lösungen für Labor­umgebungen

Temperatur­überwachung für Ihre Kühl- und Gefrierschränke

With sensitive products and raw materials, shelf life is often highly dependent on the right physical environmental conditions. The requirements for monitoring and documentation during experiments, in production and storage or transport are correspondingly high. SenseING offers you efficient and automated complete solutions for temperature monitoring of your refrigerators, freezers and laboratory environment.
Capture data

Energy-efficient wireless sensors capture ambient data

Transmit data

The gateway collects the data and transmits it to the cloud

Evaluate data

Visual representation and permanent storage of data

Reliable monitoring of your laboratory

From sensor technology to cloud application, individual consulting and our exchange service, we offer you all the services you need to get started with data-based process optimization as easily as possible.

Secure your quality

Alerting via SMS, e-mail or calls when critical measured values or conditions are reached enables you to react to problems in time.

Automated fulfillment of documentation requirements

Fulfill documentation obligations with ease. Our wireless sensors collect temperature and climate data and transmit them fully automatically to the cloud, where they can then be stored and accessed at any time in clear dashboards.

Easy to retrofit

The wireless sensors and gateways are supplied pre-configured so that they can be put into operation very simply via Plug & Play.

of your data

The transmitted data is collected in a cloud, stored and processed for you. This allows you to keep an eye on the climate parameters at all times. Even conveniently on the road.
Monitor welcher die Cloud-Applikation zeigt. Zu sehen sind Diagramme und eine Landkarte.

Data Analysis

The transmitted measurement data is permanently analyzed so that alarms are sent in the event of a malfunction due to defective hardware or empty batteries.


Your measurement data is automatically displayed in clear and meaningful dashboards, such as diagrams or maps.


Send configurable notifications via email or SMS to multiple users and increase effective communication.

Data storage

All notifications and captured data from your sensors are stored in central databases.


Our devices communicate exclusively via end-to-end encryption.


Standardized interfaces allow you to easily integrate the data into your existing system.

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