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Temperatur­überwachung bei Transporten

Ensuring quality through precise monitoring of transport conditions.

Condition monitoring for your transports

In the cold chain, the monitoring of temperature and humidity during transport is crucial to ensure the quality of sensitive goods such as food, medicines and chemicals. Because an uncontrolled deviation from the limit values can lead to defects in quality, impairment of shelf life or even damage to the products. To prevent this, logistics companies have to comply exactly with specified limit values. This is only possible with seamless monitoring of temperature and humidity. By using trackers and data loggers, the environmental parameters can be monitored precisely and thus the quality of the goods can be ensured and documentation obligations fulfilled.

Reliable monitoring

We offer you modern technologies and solutions to control and document your transports. Our data loggers and trackers are equipped with the latest technology and offer the highest accuracy in measuring the environmental conditions. The continuous measurement, which can be configured according to your requirements, and the alarm functions allow any problems to be detected and rectified at an early stage before they lead to damage to the goods.

Your benefits

Our temperature monitoring solutions for transport enable quick and easy commissioning. As soon as the sensors are ready for use, they automatically record temperature and humidity data and store it either on our IoT platform or via interfaces in your own systems. This way you have access to the data at any time and can create reports if required. In addition, our premium solutions have an alarm system that notifies you when limits are exceeded or not reached.


Our solutions are delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation in just a few steps.

Automated alerting

Configurable alarms are sent automatically when limit values are exceeded or undershot.

Documentation & Reports

Automatic documentation of measured values and automated reports save time and minimise errors in data recording.

Independent of external energy sources

To ensure reliable and flexible temperature monitoring, we also offer sensors without an external power supply.


In addition to providing the necessary hardware and software, our service also includes the installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the systems.

Everything from a
single source

Benefit from our experience and expertise and get IoT solutions tailored to your individual requirements from a single source.

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