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Managed IoT Service

Simplify IoT implementation,
focus on core business.

Discover how we support you with our professional IoT service in the implementation of IoT solutions in your infrastructure.
IoT devices

Why Managed IoT Service?

Implementing IoT solutions is demanding and complex. Our Managed IoT Service offers you advantages such as resource and cost savings. This allows you and your company to focus on your core business while we take care of the IoT infrastructure.

Instead of building up internal teams and investing in expensive infrastructure, they can rely on our know-how as a service provider. Another advantage is the reduction of complexity. We have the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure smooth integration and management of IoT solutions. In addition, our dedicated support team is ready to help with questions and problems and ensure efficient operational management.

Overall, then, a managed IoT service enables businesses to reap the benefits of the Internet of Things without having to overcome the challenges themselves.

Our services

Our comprehensive IoT service helps you make the most of the IoT and optimise your processes.

Device provision

We provide you with the necessary IoT devices and infrastructure and also offer the exchange of devices to ensure optimal functioning.


We establish a reliable and secure connection between the IoT devices and the cloud platform.

Device management

You get a complete overview of your IoT devices and can conveniently control them via a user-friendly platform.

Data Analysis

We analyse your data automatically and visualise it in clear dashboards to derive valuable information.


Experts provide comprehensive support for IoT implementation, maintenance and operation, answer questions and solve problems.


Via standardised interfaces, we send the recorded data simply and easily into your existing system.

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