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Temperatur­über­wachung in Kühlhäusern

Zu jeder Zeit wissen, welche Tem­peraturen auf den Lagerflächen herschen.

Monitoring your cold stores

The demand for an efficient and optimised supply chain is increasing and thus optimised warehouse management is playing an ever greater role in logistics. Temperature monitoring of warehouses is an important aspect of management, especially for industries that work with temperature-sensitive products such as pharmaceuticals or food. The Internet of Things (IoT) has become a decisive factor in the temperature monitoring of cold stores. The use of IoT solutions offers several advantages, such as real-time monitoring of temperature and humidity, alarms when thresholds are reached, and automated reporting.

Reliable processes

Automated documentation of temperatures and humidity on storage areas is an important component for companies that need to conduct audits and create reports. Manual monitoring of these parameters can be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to incomplete or inaccurate data. By using IoT solutions, companies can perform this task more efficiently and reliably.

The storage area is equipped with IoT sensors that can be easily put into operation via plug & play. They record the corresponding parameters and send them to a data storage unit, where the data is automatically evaluated, visualised and exported in reports .

Your benefits

Our solutions for temperature monitoring in cold stores are quick and easy to commission. After commissioning, the sensors document temperature and humidity data fully automatically and store it in our IoT platform or via interfaces in your own systems. This way you can view the data at any time and generate reports if required. In addition, our solutions have an alerting system that alerts you when threshold values are exceeded or not reached.


Our solutions are delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation in just a few steps.

Automated alerting

Configurable alarms are sent automatically when limit values are exceeded or undershot.

Documentation & Reports

Automatic documentation of measured values and automated reports save time and minimise errors in data recording.

Independent of external energy sources

To ensure reliable and flexible temperature monitoring, we also offer sensors without an external power supply.


In addition to providing the necessary hardware and software, our service also includes the installation, configuration and ongoing maintenance of the systems.

Everything from a
single source

Benefit from our experience and expertise and get IoT solutions tailored to your individual requirements from a single source.

Was unsere Kunden sagen

Sven Weißer, IT
„Die Ideen und die Umsetzung von SenseING begeistern uns immer wieder, einfach und doch effektiv und zuverlässig. Hier passt einfach alles – das Handling, die flexiblen Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, die kompakten Ausmaße, das schlichte und trotzdem robuste Design, die Zuverlässigkeit und vor allem der überragende Kundensupport.

So geht moderne Temperaturüberwachung von heute. Das hoch motivierte Team von SenseING hat uns sowohl bei der Auswahl der richtigen Komponenten als auch bei der Einrichtung schnell und unkompliziert weitergeholfen.

Für alle die Ihre Raumklima zuverlässig und einfach überwachen wollen ist unsere Empfehlung eindeutig- Das Team der SenseING GmbH .”

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