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IoT-Lösungen für die Forst­wirtschaft

Prevent theft with
asset tracking

In times of rising wood and energy prices, theft of wood from forests is on the rise. The resulting damage for forest owners is great and the thieves are caught only in rare cases. With our total solution consisting of tracker and gateway, you get an overview of your stock. Using geofencing, you will be alerted immediately when logs start moving and leave their location. Furthermore, equipment and vehicles can also be tracked with the system.

Reliable monitoring of your wodden pile

With our powerful LoRa trackers you can monitor your piles. The trackers are simply hammered into the wood using an adapter system.

Effective protection against theft

If the tracker is damaged or if a tracker leaves its location and moves, an immediate alarm is triggered.

Localization of your raw materials

You always have an overview of your storage locations via the location data. Any search times are thus significantly reduced.

Total solutions from a single source

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Service
  • Hardware

    Our total solutions include the three components hardware, software and service. All our sensor systems are a compilation of various sensor, telematics and energy supply modules. To enable automated processes, the systems either offer very long battery runtimes or resort to so-called energy harvesting to use energy from the environment.
  • Software

    On our IoT platform, we collect telemetry data that was previously collected by the sensor systems. The platform is primarily used to store, manage and visualize the data. Data in the memory can thus be retrieved at any time and as needed.
  • Service

    The highest level of service quality is our top priority. We advise you individually, accompany you during commissioning and configure systems to your needs. In addition, our support provides timely and reliable processing of your inquiries and reporting.

of your data

The transmitted data are collected, stored and processed in a cloud. This allows you to keep an eye on the location of your goods and devices at all times. Even conveniently on the road.
Monitor welcher die Cloud-Applikation zeigt. Zu sehen sind Diagramme und eine Landkarte.

Data Analysis

Events can be characterized and clearly assigned from the measurement data. This also makes it possible to make statements about status or environmental conditions.


Your measurement data is automatically displayed in clear and meaningful dashboards, such as diagrams or maps.


Send configurable notifications via email or SMS to multiple users and increase effective communication.

Data storage

All notifications and captured data from your sensors are stored in central databases.


Our devices communicate exclusively via end-to-end encryption.


Standardized interfaces allow you to easily integrate the data into your existing system.

Sensors for monitoring wood piles

  • LoRa Tracker

    Die Trackinglösung träck ist aufgrund ihrer Robustheit und Größe ideal für die Montage an Poltern geeignet. Dabei erzielt der Tracker Laufzeiten von bis zu 4 Jahren.

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