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NLG-M – Mobiles

High-performance LoRa gateway for building your own network.

Simple installation

Since the gateway is battery powered, it can be installed without regard to external power sources.

Robust and compact

Thanks to its robust design, the gateway is ideal for use in harsh environments.
Foto des LoRa Gateway

Location determination

Determination of the location by GNSS or PoLTE.


The gateway has a battery life of one year and can be recharged.
How It Works

Know where your equipment
and goods are

The mobile LoRa gateway is part of an overall solution for tracking goods and devices. It represents the bridge to the Internet of Things. The gateway is primarily placed at project locations and detects goods and devices that are equipped with a tracker. In addition to tracking, it collects the captured data from the trackers and transmits it to the IoT platform. Contact us to learn more.
SenseING LoRa Gateway wird in der Hand gehalten

Technical data


415x72x47 mm

Wireless Connectivity

LoRa®, NB-IoT, LTE-M

Battery runtime

Up to 1 year

Protection class


Energy supply

Li-Ion battery, 30 Ah, 111 Wh

Temperature operating range

-20 °C to +60 °C

Your benefits

Reliable data on the location or condition of your equipment and goods provide important clues for optimizing your processes.

Reduction of personnel costs

The use of the overall solution reduces personnel expenses in the form of search times and non-productive times, because movements between warehouses or projects become traceable.

Simple installation

The gateway is delivered pre-configured so that it can be put into operation via plug & play and immediately collects and transmits data.

Individual usage

The robust design of the trackers and the gateway allow them to be used in a wide range of applications.

Automatic prescription

The fully automated system makes it possible to automate prescription processes. Furthermore, delivery bill and invoice processes can be automated.

No battery changes

The gateway achieves a runtime of up to one year and can be recharged via a charger.

Optimization of supply chains

Structured data helps you save unnecessary costs and increase the efficiency of your processes.

Individual areas of application

Whether for tracking your equipment and transport containers, anti-theft protection for wood or as a temperature registration device, the träck total solution is versatile.

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