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SLC-PV - LoRa temperature sensor

Vehicle and storage monitoring: temperature and humidity at a glance

Save valuable time with automated


With our LoRa temperature sensor, you can automatically document the temperature of your transports and warehouses. Find out more about the functions and benefits of our SLC-PV in this product description.

Simple installation

The sensors are supplied pre-configured so that they only need to be fitted and married.

No battery changes

Due to the Use of solar energy the data logger is completely independent of external energy sources.
Foto des LoRa-Trackers für Asset Tracking mit dem Namen träck.

Extensive sensor technology

The integrated sensor system is able to detect temperature and relative humidity as well as brightness.

Long runtime

Thanks to its solar panel, the temperature sensor is energy self-sufficient at a minimum of 250 lux.

One solution, two applications

SLC-PV for temperature documentation

during transport

  • Automated allocation of vehicles to storage locations
  • Documentation of temperature and humidity values
  • Creation of audit-relevant reports

SLC-PV as a temperature recorder

in storage halls

  • Automated documentation of temperature and humidity
  • Alarm in case of exceeding or falling below limit values
  • Creation of audit-relevant reports
How It Works

Document your transports

in only 3 steps

After commissioning, the temperature sensors transmit the recorded data via a gateway via a gateway or the LoRaWAN network, to the data memory. There the visually processed for you, providing you with a safe and reliable overview of your transports. transports is possible.
Asset-Tracking: Anbringung des Trackers an einer Rüttelplatte.
Step 1

Install sensors

Assigning and installing temperature sensors in vehicles or warehouses
Step 2

Set up gateways

Equipping your warehouses and projects with a receiving unit
Step 3

Receive data

Evaluate and transfer of data to interfaces

Technical data


130 x 120 x 35 mm

Wireless Connectivity



Temperature, humidity,


Energy self-sufficient*

Protection class


Energy supply

Indoor-PV-Zelle max. 600 mW
SuperCap 5F, 5.5 V
LiIon-Zelle 3.7 V, 4000 mAh

Temperature operating range

-30 °C bis +60 °C
*Energieautark bei mindestens 250 Lux


The advantages of the LoRa tracker

Receive reliable data on the condition of your goods and generate audit-relevant reports.

Reduction of personnel costs

The use of temperature sensors completely reduces the manpower required to document temperatures in the logistics process.

Simple installation

The sensors are supplied pre-configured so that they can be put into operation via plug & play and immediately record and transmit data.

Reliable data

The automated documentation of temperature and humidity values completely replaces manual checks and thus minimises the risk of errors.

No battery changes

The SLC-PV temperature sensor is equipped with a powerful solar module. This means that the logger charges itself when the hall is illuminated. Annoying battery changes and data loss are therefore ruled out.

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