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Donations for Studio 913

Published 31.10.2022

SenseING GmbH collected donations for the 913 Studio as part of its third company festival.

On 1 October, the SenseING GmbH invited Business partner and supporters to the third company party, which is now officially considered a tradition. In keeping with the occasion, an equally traditional celebration was held - an Oktoberfest. The annual fundraising campaign, which SenseING 2021 launched for the first time, was a must. The festival, which was established as a sign of gratitude for the good cooperation and support, should also be used to do good together. This year, SenseING took advantage of the attention to raise money for the 913 Studio - Association for the Promotion of Education, Art and Culture e.V. .

Geschäftsführer Sven Kruse übergibt einen Spendenscheck an Vereinsvorsitzenden Ralf Türbach. Die beiden stehen von einer Graffitwand.
Sven Kruse (left in the picture) hands over the donation cheque to association chairman Ralf Türbach.

Strengthening self-confidence with music

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the club's offerings had to be greatly reduced. With the donated money, the 913 Studio now wants to expand the offer again. The course "Introduction to Recording and Music Production" is scheduled to start in spring 2023. The course is aimed specifically at children and young people between the ages of 7 and 20, who will be taught the basics of recording and music production in several sessions. In addition, real recordings of podcasts, lyrics or songs will be produced together. The aim of the course: The own CD with the self-produced works. The main aim is to promote the children's and young people's self-confidence as well as their media and language skills. The course is free of charge for the participants.

More information about the association →


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Donations for Studio 913

SenseING GmbH collected donations for the 913 Studio as part of its third company festival.