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CO2 traffic light for indoor monitoring

Published 02.08.2021

SenseING bringt CO2-Ampel zur Überwachung von Innenräumen auf den Markt

The SenseKit.indoor developed by SenseING is a CO2 traffic light for monitoring indoor environmental conditions. Via a visual signal, the unit indicates, for example, when it is time to ventilate the premises.

More topical than ever is just how high the CO2concentration is indoors.Because regular ventilation in the rooms can significantly reduce the risk of infection with SARS-CoV-2. This is described in a recent statement by the Commission on Indoor Air Hygiene (IRK) at the Federal Environment Agency. CO2 traffic lights can serve as a guide to good or poor ventilation, according to the IRK. Even the use of mobile air purifiers is no substitute for adequate ventilation in schools. A healthy indoor climate in schools also creates an improvement in learning ability of up to 15 % (source:

PoE-Kabel wird in CO2-Ampel gesteckt.

Even before the pandemic, the indoor climate was very important. The ability of pupils, students, employees and colleagues to learn and concentrate depends very much on the ambient conditions. The health department has already defined limit values for this, including sound pressure levels and brightness, for example.

The SenseKit.indoor can also monitor these parameters.

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Ivo Frank

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