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SenseING is part of the Team Development of the AXELerator

Published 30.04.2020

We are pleased to have qualified for the Team Development of the AXEL Energy Accelerator with our vision of the energy self-sufficient sensor kit.

The AXEL Energy Accelerator is an initiative of fokus.Energie e. v. and offers different support programs for energy start-ups.

AXEL's mentors have an extensive network of their own. Together with the numerous contacts from the fokus.energie network, the conditions are in place to provide the founders with support in the acquisition of pilot applications and reference orders.

That's why we are delighted to have made it into the selection of startups for this year's Accelerator program. In the twelve-month program, the teams benefit from regular workshop and coaching sessions as well as intensive mentoring from experienced mentors from the energy sector. In addition to business learning and active support in product development, the Accelerator also offers corresponding know-how in the area of public relations.

The Accelerator Program enables us to shorten long product development and marketing cycles.

All information about AXEL - The Energy Accelerator is available here.


Ivo Frank

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