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SenseKit receives EASA certification

Published 22.05.2020

Thanks to the cooperation with SkyTender Solutions AG , the first SenseKit was certified by EASA for use in civil aviation and successfully deployed.

Digitalization has also picked up speed in aviation. For example, SenseING has developed a sensor application for recording real environmental and operating conditions of a mobile postmix beverage plant. The application is intended to provide data to better evaluate the dimensioning and service life estimation of the beverage plant. The challenge here - the application must be approved for aviation. The battery and sensor application must meet certain conditions. The application was thoroughly tested in an EASA test procedure and then successfully certified for use in aviation. Translated with (free version)

The data collected in the future can also be used to further develop the beverage line to market readiness. Maintenance cycles can be better planned, wear and tear can be identified, and warranty and liability claims can be countered.


Ivo Frank

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