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Donations for Studio 913

SenseING GmbH collected donations for the 913 Studio as part of its third company festival.

On 1 October, the SenseING GmbH invited Business partner and supporters to the third company party, which is now officially considered a tradition. In keeping with the occasion, an equally traditional celebration was held - an Oktoberfest. The annual fundraising campaign, which SenseING 2021 launched for the first time, was a must. The festival, which was established as a sign of gratitude for the good cooperation and support, should also be used to do good together. This year, SenseING took advantage of the attention to raise money for the 913 Studio - Association for the Promotion of Education, Art and Culture e.V. .

Geschäftsführer Sven Kruse übergibt einen Spendenscheck an Vereinsvorsitzenden Ralf Türbach. Die beiden stehen von einer Graffitwand.
Sven Kruse (left in the picture) hands over the donation cheque to association chairman Ralf Türbach.

Strengthening self-confidence with music

As a result of the Corona pandemic, the club's offerings had to be greatly reduced. With the donated money, the 913 Studio now wants to expand the offer again. The course "Introduction to Recording and Music Production" is scheduled to start in spring 2023. The course is aimed specifically at children and young people between the ages of 7 and 20, who will be taught the basics of recording and music production in several sessions. In addition, real recordings of podcasts, lyrics or songs will be produced together. The aim of the course: The own CD with the self-produced works. The main aim is to promote the children's and young people's self-confidence as well as their media and language skills. The course is free of charge for the participants.

More information about the association →

Digital device management goes into series production

Series production of the tracking solution träck is running at full speed. The first deliveries will take place as early as October.

Digital device management requires one thing above all: transparency. Creating more transparency in processes is SenseING's main goal. SenseING relies on complete IoT solutions that are delivered pre-configured and can be put into operation in just a few steps. This also applies to the tracking solution träck, which was developed specifically for use in the construction industry. In the future, the solution, which consists of three components, will ensure more transparency on construction sites and building yards, because it can be used to track small equipment such as vibratory plates, compressors, etc. as live inventories, automate prescriptions, reduce search times and thus increase productivity.

The principle is very simple: All devices and tools to be tracked receive a tracker (transmitter). Construction sites and warehouses/building yards are equipped with gateways (receivers). The trackers exchange collected data via radio technology. LoRa with the gateway. The gateway in turn sends the data into an IoT platform using the mobile network and into existing systems via standardised interfaces.

Digitales Gerätemanagement: Ein Tracking Sensor wird an den Griff einer Rüttelplatte angebracht.

At the centre of the solution is the tracker, which is just 40×40 mm in size and is now being produced by the thousand. It contains climate and motion sensors, which make it possible to derive information about the status and utilisation of the devices. The compact tracker shines especially with its battery life, because thanks to its low energy consumption it achieves battery runtimes of up to four years.

Do you need implementable device management? Contact us right now for more information.

Donations for the Kinderschutzbund

As part of the summer festival in September, SenseING GmbH collected donations for the Kinderschutzbund Ortsverbund Karlsruhe e.V.

Doing good in the region, a goal that SenseING GmbH has pursued from the very beginning. For this purpose, donations were collected for the Kinderschutzbund Ortsverband Karlsruhe e. V. at the last summer party in September. In addition, SenseING GmbH donates five SenseKit.indoor for monitoring the air quality in the premises of the Kinderschutzbund.

SenseING GmbH sammelt Spenden für Kinderschutzbund

With the donated money, the Kinderschutzbund would like to make a drum course possible for the Albschule Karlsruhe . The Albschule Karlsruhe is a special education and counseling center with a focus on mental development. The course enables the children to develop their self-confidence and to reduce existing fears and frustrations. It also promotes the perception and expression of emotions.

In order to finance the course, another 400€ are needed, which is why we are making an appeal for donations together with the Kinderschutzbund. You can also support the project.

SenseKit receives EASA certification

Thanks to the cooperation with SkyTender Solutions AG , the first SenseKit was certified by EASA for use in civil aviation and successfully deployed.

Digitalization has also picked up speed in aviation. For example, SenseING has developed a sensor application for recording real environmental and operating conditions of a mobile postmix beverage plant. The application is intended to provide data to better evaluate the dimensioning and service life estimation of the beverage plant. The challenge here - the application must be approved for aviation. The battery and sensor application must meet certain conditions. The application was thoroughly tested in an EASA test procedure and then successfully certified for use in aviation. Translated with (free version)

The data collected in the future can also be used to further develop the beverage line to market readiness. Maintenance cycles can be better planned, wear and tear can be identified, and warranty and liability claims can be countered.